Monday, July 21, 2008


My daughter became a young woman tonight.
At the Fiesta Days Rodeo.
In the port-a-potty.
(for some reason, this sounds skeezy...I mean it in the no-she-wasn't-in-there-with-a-boy kind of way!)

She came back into the Grandstand to our spot on the bench with big smile on her face and whispered it to me. I wasn't sure if I believed her nor did I want to have the full on conversation with her 13 year old brother sitting in between us.

I leaned over, placed my hand on Hoss' cheek and pulled his head close to my face and whispered it to him. All the color left his face, his eyes got real big, and he said, "She what?" Oh, you just wait....I don't think daddy's are ever ready to hear that their little girl's not so little any more.

After I got past the initial shock and the giggling to myself over what a fantastic journal entry it would be for her:
Dear Diary, tonight I got my first period in the port-a-potty at the Rodeo...

I started to feel a little panicky!
A few things came to mind:
Her reaction is a million times the opposite of my reaction.
She's all excited!
She couldn't wait to tell me.
I could have died!
I waited as long as I could before mumbling something to my mother.
I guess we'll have to stop at the store on the way home.
What do I get her?
The last time I had a period, there were only a few options: cardboard applicator, no applicator, and something like unto a diaper!
That was before 'wings' and ultra thins.
What works best right at first?
I'm starting to sound like a dad, not a mom......
It's just that I've been without periods now for longer than I had them.
Things aren't ever going to be the same at our house.
Ugh....her brothers......they need to be instructed too.
I guess it doesn't matter if I'm ready or not.....Aunt Flow is here.


Scrapbooking with Daisykaye said...

WOW!! How exciting for her! Isn't it funny how the excitement wears off and it becomes the biggest annoyance? It is a good laugh to watch daddy's reaction huh? I remember my oldest called all of her Aunts and her grandma to inform them of the big event. haha! Congrats to mommy and sissyg

b. said...

d-kaye!! I forgot you have ALL girls!
I will be calling you later...Hoss' reaction was priceless!

Queen Scarlett said...

This is awesome. This post. I remember the anticipation...Aunt Flow couldn't come soon enough...and after that first day/initial - YAY I'm a woman... yeah that lasted a second and it was ... Aunt Flow is annoying.

...mmm I guess what do you say... Congrats? ;-) Have fun...heheh

Jill said...

How great that she was excited about it!
My reaction was closer to yours, I waited several hours before telling my mom, then I was discouraged from telling anyone else about it.
I had a friend whose daughter started hers at a basketball game, and her younger sister announced it to the whole crowd.
At least your daughter whispered it to you.

AzĂșcar said...

Wings, that's best for her age I think.

Mrs. Organic said...

Yes wings and something good for overnight (maybe the longs?)

I got mine just before my birthday swimming party - that could've been awkward. And I wouldn't buy my own 'supplies' for the longest time, for some reason it was too embarrassing. How things change...

Geo said...

Considering your awesome heritage, I think that was brilliant timing. Way to go, little woman!

Klin said...

My mini-me says pads with wings to keep the stains off the panties and longs all the way around, but thicker for night.

Me? Had a hysterectomy 5 years ago. I've forgotten all about it:P

b. said...

Thanks for the tips, congrats, and condolences.
We discussed things further this pm:
Me: Cousin so and so has had her period quite a while now.
SG: Dang! That means she'll be done with hers sooner!
Me: Umm....honey, it comes every month.
You should have seen her face, priceless!
SG: They told us in school it would only last 6 months!
Me: Hmmm...sorry, hon. Welcome to the rest of your life.
Just like that....the thrill is over!
Kinda like secks.
Yeah, we discussed that too.

Kalli Ko said...

um, hilarious.

Just like you I was mortified. I didn't tell my mom for 3 days and that was only after my best friend forced me to. I just kind of mumbled it to her as we ran out the door to ride horses. said...

So funny! All I have to say is definately wings.

Sparcam said...

Will someone tell me why this post made me tear up and get emotional??? Okay, I think it's because (in my UNprofessional, UNeducated opinion) that you have raised your daughter to be confident and to expect grand things from her life! I'll pray for you that her hormones will shift to the happy side of the spectrumfor you!

April said...

My mom was WAY open about EVERYTHING as a kid (he mother on the other hand was not, and made her sister explain the whole thing to her... ugh) She made sure I was prepared and knew what to do when it happened, where the "supplies" were. I also had 2 older sisters, so no biggy. Mine happened in the afternoon and I told my mom that evening (kinda uncomfortably), she was EXSTATIC. Gave me a BIG HUG and said she was proud of me (no idea what for... maybe for making it likely she would one day havegrandchildren?). Even though the things were awkword I always felt like I could talk to my mom about anything. Sounds like it's the same for your daughter and you. Good for you for keeping the relationship between you healthy and trusting! That can be a real challenge. I hope I can do the same when my daughter gets that old.

Rynell said...

I second the wings (long) and something heftier for overnight.

I think the dad's reaction is so funny. My husband will probably freak out when we hit that milestone with my daughter.

b. said...

Thanks y'alls!
We made it through the first round.
Is it too much to ask that she be this good natured forever?

Sue said...

I've never understood looking forward to it. I was dreading it, and like you and Kalli, I was mortified. I don't think I ever told my mother. It was the LAST conversation I wanted to have with her. I would have rather died.

Jen said...

Thanks for the laugh! I was 11. I died at the thought of telling ANYONE. My mother didn't believe in tampons with or without the applicator. How things have changed.