Monday, October 12, 2009

on braids and body image

this is--after a fashion--my homework.

disclaimer: i do know how to french braid. it's just that having two boys first didn't give me much practice to prepare for a girl who can't sit still long enough for me to get it right. i could do it with practice. really, i could.

14-year-old daughter, looking at her funky not-a-french-braid: too bad someone around here doesn't know how to french braid!


14-year-old daughter: don't you think my hair looks cute like this?

me: yes. but i think you look cute no matter how your hair is.

14-year-old daughter: i know.

i raise my eyebrow...

14-year-old daughter, looking right at me: but aren't you glad i'm not one of those "no i don't. these make me look fat. i'm not pretty..." kind of girls?

me: you got that right!

maybe she would have come out that way anyway. but maybe my making it a point not to disparage myself--my body--out loud helps her a little. i hope so. it would kind of make up for that not being able to french braid thing.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Your Child is Invited... a birthday party.

It's for a fifteen year old.

Let's say a boy.

It involves "some fun" at a local Fun Place, followed by a spaghetti dinner at the boy's home.

Please RSVP.

And don't forget to bring $15 to contribute to all the "fun".

Please comment.