Thursday, September 3, 2009

On the Subject of Outings With Children....

What do we think of this?
The Associated Press: Stranger accused of slapping crying child at store

A lot of the chatter rolling around is of the assumption that people are tired of "bratty kids" and having to listen to crying toddlers or babies in public places.

What I am thinking is, "There are plenty of ADULTS I'd like to slap at Walmart...but you don't see ME hauling off!! Since when are children and babies less important than any other human on this planet?"

...oh wait.

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cabesh said... at Walmart I was whispering to my boys, trying to keep them quiet so that the lady in our aisle could have a cell phone conversation about the dealings with her ex-husband and her second mortgage.

I suddenly found myself thinking, "Why am I encouraging my boys to whisper when she's having a conversation that is completely inappropriate for the curtain aisle at Walmart?"

Queen Scarlett said...

AMEN Cabesh...and Amy.

Unfortunately if you do B-slap a person who deserves it... you have a pay loads of money and go on probation to get it off your record.

But when it's consequence free legally... I'm back on the slapping idiotic adults around.

sue-donym said...

Personal experience Queen? JK

I wish I could slap someone every time I go to Wal-Mart. Mainly the parents who take their too tired to stay awake at 11:00 PM kids to the store and expect them to be happy. Grrr.

That guy makes me sick.

dalene said...

Yeah--that really ticked me off. And you're right on about some of the adults needing to be slapped. And honestly, if some guy did that to my kid I would be hitting back.

AzĂșcar said...

I would have gone ballistic if he had slapped my child. Balls-out-istic.