Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mommy in a Panic

I had no idea when I was reading this post that I'd be in a similar place just weeks later.

Yup, that's my kid, the one I'm supposed to protect at all costs, wrapped in a sheet to prevent him from moving as they sew 16 stitches into his foot. Of course it wasn't my fault that he pushed the chair up to the counter to reach for something on the top of the microwave. It wasn't my fault that he knocked over a dinner plate and broke it. When he heard Joe coming to investigate, the kid jumped to the floor to escape the scene of the crime. That's when he lacerated his foot; sliced it right open.

I'm calm under pressure, that makes me a good mommy. I shut down, assess the situation, form a plan, and put it into action. When Joe reached for one of my new dishtowels to wrap the wound, I balked. "NO," I said loudly, "Let me get a rag." I didn't want my towel to end up in a medical waste basket. I hope that doesn't make me a bad mommy.

Good mommy stayed right next to her kid as the doctor and nurse wrapped him in restraints. The poor kid cried until his lips and nose swelled. Good mommy put her face three inches from her child and talked to him--eye to eye. She was the only one who got him to focus on something other than his foot and the restraints. Daddy can't do it like mommy can.

Here's what I think: we're all that kind of mommy. If you are a mom than you're a mom that can reacts calmly to the situation, more calmly than you knew you were capable of. You will make decisions and a plan in the middle of chaos. It's not even about being good or bad, it's just about being a mommy.


b. said...

Ohhh, poor baby. He looks like he has HAD it!
I made it through 2 toddler boys without stitches. Toddler girl came along...stitches 4 times, a balloon up her nose, she created a mullet out of her beautiful hair.
Guille has a great mommy!

Lindsey said...

I'm just waiting for this kind of thing to happen to me.

I feel like a bad mommy when things like that do happen, but at least I'm not snorting crack in the other room.

I hope he's all healed up soon.

compulsive writer said...

This is one of my favorite posts about motherhood. Hope all heals well. And someday he'll be bragging about that great scar.

wendysue said...

OOO! Good Mommy. I think that all good mommies have that imprinted in them to somehow remain calm under pressure, even if we completely lose it after the fact (when it doesn't matter anymore). . .you can stay calm when it really matters to your kiddo! And I totally agree with CW, he'll be braggin' about that sweet scar.

~j. said...

You Good, Good Mommy. You (with this experience) were an example for me on Mother's Day when my own 3-year-old shut the van door on her fingers. (Luckily she's not strong enough to close the door the whole way...)

sue-donym said...

I'm with Wendysue. I can totally be The Calm One during times of catastrophe, then fall apart after when everyone else is eating ice cream and laughing.

He looks so grown up on that table. Where did your baby go?

Queen Scarlett said...

I'm so impressed that you even had the ability to snap a picture. That's what I call BRILLIANT Mommy.

That's the miracle of being a Mom... somehow...when it's your kid... you have to pull it together and you do.

To be honest...I'm really hoping this doesn't happen ...too soon yet... I'm wussy mother. ;-)

AzĂșcar said...

QS- I pulled out the phone to take pictures and I swear my spouse and the doctor shot me a dirty look. WHAT? I wanted to document! It was just the camera phone, it's not like I pulled out the camcorder to film his wails.