Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stimulating Young Minds

Since I’m a sentient mom I feel guilty for not constantly stimulating El Guille’s learning. He’s a smart kid, though, I’m sure he’ll learn to read eventually even if I’m not practicing letters and sounding out words. I think that’s why I married one of the smartest men on earth, so that I could just count on genes to make up for the gap of not constantly working with my preschooler on his learning. It would be a violation of genetic law for El Guille to turn out stupid.


compulsive writer said...

I believe free play stimulates young minds so I'm on your side. I remember one summer my daughter started writing the letters of her name (I don't know how old she was and I don't care--I don't need that) and I realized, "Oh cool. She's interested. Now I'll teach her."

And hello? You're one formidably smart woman so I'm thinking El Guille's covered on both sides.

~j. said...

This is an interesting time for you. At about this age is when the mom starts to realize, "Oh... they learn from people other than me." Primary teachers, whatever. Even, as cw said, free play. And you're a Good Mommy for not putting him in situations where he would learn stuff he's not supposed to.

So there.