Monday, September 24, 2007

A Good Mommy/Bad Mommy Birthday Party

I came across my new almost-friend Sue's blog, Navel Gazing, the other day and had to share her tips on throwing a last minute birthday party for a three year old.

Her tips cover:
*How to make a Ghetto Pinata
*Ensuring a full guest list
*The roles of Tootsie Rolls

I seriously laughed so hard at the description of the ghetto pinata that my three year old wanted to know what was happening.



Sue said...

Oh my gosh. A slacker mom blog? This is AWESOME. I've found my new friends. : > Thanks for the link. I'm so glad to have found THIS blog!

La Yen said...

I laughed so breaking hard. Suck it, Martha Stewart!

Julie said...

That was awesome!

~j. said...

Suck it, Martha INDEED.

Tiffany Twisted said...

Please note: you might see a ghetto pinata with a picture of tinkerbell on it at Ava's party next month. I kid you not.