Wednesday, December 15, 2010

McDonald's is not your mom

Did you happen to catch this today?

"You're a mom. You're their mom. Isn't it your job to tell them 'No?'"

Yes. When that's what's best for them, that's what you do. Once. Twice. One-hundred beyond infinity times.

You're in charge of what they eat.

You're in charge of how many McDonald's commercials they're seeing on TV.

You're in charge of teaching them "You can't have everything, because where would you put it?!"

What are you going to do, sue everybody trying to sell something that may not be in the best interest of your kid?

Woman up and just say "No" already.

Or again, as the case may be.


Kalli Ko said...

why are parenting failures always someone else's fault?

La Yen said...

My kid wants the toys all the time. So I buy the toys for her. Without the food. $1. Easy win.

I hope this gets thrown out, but it's California, so that hope is pretty small...

wendysue said...

Yes! I was saying that to the tv this morning too! Just tell them no...or be smart like La Yen and buy the toys themselves!

dalene said...

Yes. I yelled at the radio.

And I bet La Yen buys better toys. How many cheap plastic action figures from direct-to-video movies does one child need?

Lindsey Johnson said...

So...this is the stupidest thing I have heard in a long time. Are you freaking kidding me?

My kids don't watch TV. They don't see the commercials. Actually it is one of the reasons we got rid of TV. We tell them McD's is unhealthy. They have been there twice in their lives. (It wasn't with us.) They accept it. PUH-lease.

Maybe if this lady accidentally poured hot coffee onto her lap?

Bek said...

Ladies. I couldn't agree more. We live in SF county where they already banned them. Guess what? They still ask for them and they still get told no. On the upside, there are no drive throughs allowed in my town. Stinks when I need the bank, great when fighting the mcDonalds battle. :-).

La Yen said...

I personally love me the McDonalds, because out here I can get a large root beer for $1. And I really enjoy their ketchup-mustard ratio on the kids cheeseburger. And sometimes, when I have to take Jooj shopping at WalMart I get her a soft-serve cone so she will sit in the cart and keep still. These are ALL MY CHOICES AND I OWN THEM.

And the toys? I love them--they make fabulous bath toys that are never missed or mourned when I toss them because they are moldy.

Queen Scarlett said...

The woman is clearly insane. Also, not so smart. Manipulative, but not wise.

I don't allow McD's and I limit consumption of stuff kids like but aren't good for them because I want them to be, and learn healthy habits. No amount of marketing is going to change how I parent. Just because a vast majority of teens are driving luxury vehicles to HS does not mean mine will. It's simple parenting

Also, just because I don't order McD's does not mean I would take that choice away from anyone else. There's no such thing as "I can't help it" or 'they're making me want/do this". This whole SF thing infuriated me, now this woman is just proof most people are stupid.

Ps. Posting via iPhone. Sorry if it's all spelled, etc wrong.

FoxyJ said...

Before I had kids I thought I'd be the sort of no-TV, no-fast food parent that I was raised by. And then I married my husband who loves TV, comic books, pop culture, and all that. Plus I kind of like some Law & Order now and then. Anyways, we're moderate with the junk food and the TV around here. Most of the screen time my kids get is DVDs from the libraries so there aren't any commercials on them. We got to McDonald's every now and then, mostly just on vacation. I hate McDonalds but we almost alway end up stopping there because after 8 hours in the car a play place is just the best thing ever (why can't other fast food build play places? why?) My kids never actually eat the food there--I think they kind of don't like it. They just want the toys.

My big issue right now is Pop Tarts. My sister-in-law bought them for my kids and now they think they're the greatest thing ever. I just say 'those aren't food and I'm not going to buy them'. End of discussion. I'm the parent, I'm in charge.

Stepper the Mighty said...


soybeanlover said...

I try to stay away from Mc D's, unless we are trying to bulk the kids up(all the time for my eldest), but seriously a mom not able to say no? What happens come HS? "Mom, can I buy some crack?" "Sure thing dear!"

It's like people have forgotten responsibility...and how to cook, especially with vegetables.

Happy Harrison said...

so what if they do offer a more healthy option? Is she gonna say "no" when her 6YO wants the fries instead of the apple slices?
You can't pass the buck on your parenting, Lady!