Monday, April 23, 2007

Light the candles...babies coming.

I got this in an email the other day...

"Come to an educational workshop about how a baby's birth can dramatically impact their health, both immediately and long term. Symptoms like colic, ear infections, chronic sickness or colds, digestive challenges, and irritability can all be linked to the trauma from birth. We will discuss natural alternative answers to these challenges. "

So now we have to feel guilty if our births are not all candles, music and calm. Give me a break. My daughter had a pretty traumatic birth experience and she has never even had an ear infection ... and she is 11! (she was born with her leg bent the wrong way, got stuck coming out, and was wisked away to ICU before I got to see her - all is great now).


Azúcar said...

Yes, because whatever birth experience you had it was YOUR FAULT.

compulsive writer said...

Sue, may I put your mind at ease? My oldest son had a difficult birth. OK, I'll be honest here, it was difficult for me anyway. I pushed for almost three hours before the nurse climbed on top of me and pushed him down into the birth canal. Surely that was hard on him. Anyway, as an infant he was diagnosed with chronic ear infections, colic, and even failure to thrive (the source of most of my guilt).

My point is this kid is 17 1/2 now. He gets good grades. Sings in the choir. Tells me he loves me. Likes a cute girl. And looked extrememly happy and well-adjusted at prom. And I'm thinking he's turning out OK.

And you know, even if he weren't, it still wouldn't be my fault for failure to properly deliver.

(I bet a guy wrote that e-mail.)

sarah k. said...

Natural alternatives to birth? *snort* I think a baby's birth can dramatically affect their life. Without birth, no life.

Queen Scarlett said...

Sarah... that made me "snort". ;-)

Who wrote that garbage? Mr. Cruise and his silent birth?

Honestly... as if women need more guilt... I investigated vbac for my second birth and after finding it wasn't for me... it was like people just wanted to lay on the guilt. Like it's some badge of honor not to use medicine.

I'm not hating on people for wanting that... I wanted that...but it didn't work out for me... and that's ok. Either way is OK. Sometimes the world needs a massive dosage of "chill".

ニコール said...

Let's just say no meds is a very painful way to go. Not to say I won't do it again, but if I had a choice at the time, I would have totally taken something...and hey my kid is 9.5 mos old and still wakes up twice a night. Did I do something wrong at birth? I thought *I* followed the rules(please note the sarcasm).

Seriously most women in Japan go natural and they have the EXACT same problems as anyone else. You name it kids here got it, and mom's here wonder what causes everything, too. Good golly whoever wrote that is setting up whoever goes to that workshop to feel like an utter failure because she is there, and a double failure if she can't solve the problem naturally. Medical science does a lot of good!