Monday, April 9, 2007

Why I am a Good Mommy Today

  • I made sure that I locked the front door before I fell asleep on the couch. That way at least they won’t find my three year old on the highway wearing only diapers.
  • I changed his diapers.
  • Right before I started the Cars movie for the second time (this morning) I put my son into a Cars movie t-shirt and a pair of clean (worn only once) shorts.
  • Since Cars makes the kid run laps around the living room, it's like organized exercise. I am preventing the obesity epidemic.
  • Too tired to fight the lure of the Easter Basket, I let him have his basket but I gave him a banana at the same time. It’s about letting kids choose their own consequences.


~j. said...

Yes, suge. See, by giving him free reign over the basket, you eliminate the potentially long and drawn-out desire for the candy. Says me, let 'em eat it as fast as they want. Then there's no more left.

Plus, he could eat the banana if he wants.

(I'm so glad you're sleeping.)

cabesh said...

Chloe learned to use the DVD player (at age 18 months) when I was pregnant with Crossley because the best I could do was feed her breakfast, bathe and dress her, then lay and sleep on the couch for a few hours.

sue-donym said...

good, good mommy