Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Welcome to my thing.

I have been thinking.
For a while.
About how inadequate I must seem as a mother.
So I made this chart:

Good Mommy /Bad Mommy
*Stays at home with kid /*Mostly hates staying at home with kid
*Has educational toys/books /*Allows Pooh movies up to twelve times a day
*Tries to instill values in kid /* Through Pooh movies
*Can bake, clean, sew, and craft /* Does not.
*Sanitizes things /* Not even the kid.
*Beautifully feminine /* Feminist
*Fulfilled /* Desperately lonely, bored, and cranky

I went to the blogs (and I drank from the fountain) and found the following posts:

Things I sewed for my kids
Things I baked for my kids
Whole wheat waffles I made fresh for my kids
Expensive products I bought for my kids

Then I had to stop, because I was getting a little dizzy and even more desperate, lonely, bored, and cranky.

And I started this blog. I envision it to be a place where I can expose the ridiculosity of the 21st century mothering ideal, vent, and not ever be guilted into doing finger paints with my kid. And I would like your input, and your help.

Because I am sick (and tired) of the trap I have stumbled into via my choice in mothering lifestyles.

Because I adore my kid. She is fabulous. I want to eat her face, most days, she is that delicious. But she is not my whole life.

Because I stay at home because I know it is the right choice for my family, but resent the heck out of it a third of the time.

Because I don't stay up late at night dreaming of ways to enrich my kid.

Because I might do something crafty, but it won't get finished.

Because I have a daughter who needs to understand that Mommy is more than a Mommy, and that she is more than a Princess, Bad Girl, Rock Star, or Tom Boy, no matter what the media tells her.

Because having a child is not the end-all-be-all of womanhood, no matter what the media tells me.

Because I am a frickety-fracking Amazing Mommy, no matter which side of the list I fall under. And I am pretty sure that you are, too.


Queen Scarlett said...

Oh my gosh you're hilarious. Love it... I don't sew... not even buttons. I gave up on that whole craftiness back when I started college where every girl seemed to know how to make her own outfit, play piano and sing soprano. I can edit press releases and launch media tours...BUT I do appreciate other people's craftiness... I pay good dollars for that. ;-) hehehe

My house... is usually in a topsy turvy ...piled up chaos. It drives me crazy. I can't think in disorder. BUT... that's because I like hanging with my babies and blogging. I figure...once they're older ...they can have chores and we can work together...I think it's being ok with the stages we're in.

I think you're awesome.

Bek said...

I enjoy the cooking and the craftyness because it lets me do something BESDIES mommy all day. I think that whatever you need to do to find that balance works...

I seem to have avoided the guilt thing when it comes to parenting. I really don't worry that much about it (and when my kids are rotting in prison and yours are saving the world we will see who is right, right?). I don't know how or why I bypassed it, but I just figure I am doing the best I can and that is all I can do (and ps I feel the same things you do while being guilty of doing/blogging the things that made you feel inadequate.... hmmm).

Maybe that is because I am dead inside..... :-)

I can't wait to see what shows up here....

Lindy said...

la yen,

hallelujah! i love your honesty about the ups and downs of being a mom! like you, i have moments where i feel like i suck. like this morning when i woke up and surveyed my house and was pretty convinced that the mess could qualify me as white trash and i have moments where i think i'm pretty fabulous. i guess we all fall somewhere in between (except for the mom who forced her kid to drink water until she died).