Thursday, August 30, 2007

Feelin' Sad

On Kalea's first day of preschool we were followed into class by a sad looking, little blonde boy and his... I couldn't quite figure out if it was his Grandma or she was related to him. I was trying to figure out how many mixes were required to achieve a blonde (white blonde...playboy blonde) boy from a Grandma who was clearly Latina.

I was taking pictures of Kalea, and the Grandma asked me if I developed them, or something. I told her I was just taking some so that I could preserve the memory and allow Daddy to get a peek at her first day too.

We kept chatting and I found out that she was the nanny. Yep, a nanny brought this 3 year old to his first day of preschool.

Juxtapose that with all the moms and some daddies who took the day off to be at the first day of school. The poor little guy - my heart broke for him.

Then this past Tuesday when I went to pick Kalea up - I think I was running 3-4 minutes behind - I stayed and chatted with the teachers and noticed this same blonde boy, listlessly hanging around. One of the teachers asked the one I was speaking to if the parents knew the time preschool got out. By the time I finished chatting it was 15 min or so past when pick up time is.

Is it me or is this just really sad? That was only the 3rd day of preschool. Makes me want to scoop the boy up and take him home with me. As I finally got the girls strapped into their car seats I saw an SUV (BMW or Lexus...they all look the same to me) pull up.

Sometimes - when the bare necessities aren't what we worry about, we need to sit back and evaluate if working to pay for a nanny and things we don't necessarily "need"... to figure out if we're really providing what our kids really need.


La Yen said...

That seriously breaks my heart.

wendysue said...


I once had a parent refuse to pay for $12 x-ray films and a $10 fluoride treatment for her sons teeth. . .as she walked off to her new (still had in transits) SUV. . "I'll be back. . ."

Cami said...

This is so sad. Poor kid.

AzĂșcar said...

I swear, this week I have been hugging my babies a little tighter. I've been hearing so many horror stories about the lives of other children, our babies are lucky to have us.

compulsive writer said...

I can't tell you how often I've been at the office of my school and seen the exact same thing. I always want to volunteer to take the kid homw and feed him or her milk and cookies and ask about his or her day.

Except I think that's illegal.

I still have a painful memory of some elementary Thanksgiving program my mother was a no-show for. I walked the mile home from school in my brown-paper bag Indian costume and cried. To add insult to injury as I remember it I really needed to go to the bathroom and I didn't quite make it.

Just because I still remember it my mom thinks I haven't forgiven her yet for it. But the truth was she had just had baby number 5 and of course now I understand. (That made it all the more puzzling to me when darling daughter totally dismissed me at her sixth-grade recognition.)

Sometimes it's too much to contemplate all at once, you know?

Kathy's Korner said...

It really is!

At age 3, Mommy really needs to be there for the big events for sure (I personally think all the little ones too but thats just how I operate).

I'm thinking of the daily ball practice, games and whatnot that I went to this summer.....but DADDY was the hero when he showed up once. Sigh.

Amy said...

Makes me want to grab my girlies and give them an extra squeeze right this minute. It goes by far too fast.