Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another "Parenting" Mag Inspired Subject...or Two

I present to you ladies, two more topics inspired by Parenting magazine. They were both just too good to pass up!

  1. Some excerpts from a book called Dirty Little Secrets From Otherwise Perfect Moms, by Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile:
  • "When I'm at Safeway, I buy a Nordstrom gift card and charge it as groceries. I can justify it that way." (Genius!)
  • "I lied and told my son's preschool that he was potty trained so he could get in. I acted surprised when he had an 'accident' every day."
  • "Once I realized my neighbors could hear me over the baby monitor (we were on the same frequency), I suddenly changed my tone and became 'Sweet, nice Mommy.'"
  • "I pass gas and blame it on the kids."
  • "I forgot to pick my boy up from kindergarten because I was too involved in a Vh1 Rockumentary."
  • "My kids don't wear pj's on weeknights. They go to bed in their school clothes so I don't have to fight with them about their outfits in the morning."
It's interesting to me that some people's "dirty little secrets" are hysterically funny to me (probably because I can relate!) .... while others I find, well, horrifying. Why is that??? Guess it just proves that everyone is just doing the best they can. AND every family is DIFFERENT!

What's your dirty little secret?

2. Ridiculous-Trend Alert:
Parents are getting their kids' school and other photos retouched- even for preschoolers!

What?!??!? Are you serious??? Ok question number two

What would you retouch on a photo of your kids, and why?


Cole said...

I'm having trouble coming up with any good secrets. I tend to out myself anyway. As for the retouching, the photographer who does the school photos automatically brushes out blemishes, stray hairs, etc. Photos look great but not exactly authentic. And I tend to give most of my photos a magical touch or two with Picassa before I print them, just because I'm not a great photographer and like to boost the light or whatever.

Erin Cady said...

From a photographer's point of view, I think kids are the absolute easiest because there skin is so perfect! But kids are usually the culprit of bumps, scratches, bruises- and I don't want moms to reschedule 30 times because there kid is just learning to walk and keeps bumping their head, fighting with their sister, scrathed their face, etc. I'll just take care of it with some touch up and make everyones life easier. :) now if you want to be completely disturbed (as I was) you can look at this link- that is when retouching is rediculous and completely out of control. A fellow photographer found this:
Seriously disturbing....

SageGreen said...

Sorry for intruding with my comment. Love your blog.

I just looked at the retouched photos. Are they kidding!!!! They want money for doing that?!!

I know now that the world is a scary place.

Thanks for the laughs. Buying the Nordstrom card at the grocery store--so sneaky, it is funny. My secrets: no pajamas at all. Usually a t-shirt, boys-briefs. Sometimes I don't use a wipe, if it's not handy and there was no mess when I'm changing the diaper.

b. said...

I totally want to read that book.

Ok, I had my kid's photo retouched. There. I said it. But my kid was having really bad zits during picture time....HE WANTED them retouched.
It's not like LifeTouch takes great pictures anyway....would it hurt them to make sure the kids don't have boogers or koolaid lips before taking their picture?

Amy said...

hahah ohh man those pictures were frightening!!!!!!!

My dirty little secret? Most days, we stay in jammies until almost noon.

b. hahahahahah AMEN about school photo shoots... and who wouldn't have minded a touched up zit for pictures? Hallelujah for Photoshop on that end!

Although it does add some campy nostalgia to look back at kindergarten shots with a stray hair or a scab from the bruiser a few days before.

Queen Scarlett said...

Me too... we stay in PJs all day if we're not going anywhere.

Sometimes I let them eat their snacks if it falls on the floor at home. I reason that we don't wear shoes in the house and I vacuum each week... ok... maybe every other week. My parents and my brother would FREAK!

Sometimes I scare myself when I lose my temper. It's like I'm possessed by my father - who I swore I would not be like when I had kids. This also makes me sad. I've learned I need to sleep more to avoid the craziness.

I can't imagine ever needing to retouch a photo at this stage. Everything is still cute to me and they love seeing themselves. course... I think mine are perfect. Yep-I'm crazy like that.

ClistyB said...

I have used anti bac wipes when I have been out of diaper wipes....