Thursday, June 12, 2008

cuz i'm nice like that

L~ went up to Mia Shalom this week for girls camp. Keep in mind every other stake has been scrambling like crazy to reschedule or cancel or make plans elsewhere. Cuz baby it's cooooold up there. And muddy. And snowy.

L~ insisted on packing herself and would not let me oversee. She promised me she had enough warm clothes and had packed all of her hoodies and then she told me to bug off (rather nicely, though). So I did.

But that didn't stop me from sneaking a heavy down coat to her YW leader before they left on Tuesday. And a love note.

This morning I was cleaning her room to surprise her (because every time I leave on vacation the one thing I want to come home to is a clean house) and I found all of her hoodies.

Except one.


I am a good mommy.


Geo said...

Classic teen behavior.

Classy mom behavior!

And you ain't a-kiddin' about Shalom being nose-icicle cold. I hope she comes home appreciating your foresight.

b. said...

You are a class act.

It'll be a Girls Camp she won't ever forget!

compulsive writer said...

I also sent up a big bag of imported chocolate truffles with the camp director for all my peeps who are YW and camp leaders.

Cuz I'm nice like that.

Queen Scarlett said...

One day... her heart will burst with love as she realizes ... you are nice/cool like that...lovely...lovely.

Lisa said...

You are!!! How crazy it is still so cold for camp!

I just went through packing Emily for two weeks. She packed, I repacked and I couldn't get her to agree to 1 weeks worth of clothes--wash(she's going to her grandma's in between 2 camps)--wear again. Nope. So she will be the girl with all the luggage next week at EFY.