Tuesday, June 3, 2008

You're A Good Mom

So I just had to share this book review that I found at Parenting.com (actually-- it came from a free Parenting magazine that was sent to me a while back. For some reason I get random free issues of Parenting magazine. Perhaps someone has taken pity on my poor children and signed me up for a "gift" subscription?)

What today's parenting lingo would have meant to our moms:

  • Floor time Time spent waxing the kitchen floor
  • Time-Out A short break during a sporting event, or taking a break from the laundry to watch Days of Our Lives
  • Kindergarten readiness Your kid's fifth birthday
  • Use your words "Knock it off, kids!"
  • Quality time Reading the paper in the car outside the theater where the kids are seeing The Bad News Bears
  • Teachable moments School
-From Your a Good Mom (And Your Kids Aren't So Bad Either), by Jen Singer

Call me old fashioned, but....


soybeanlover said...

You mean that's NOT what floor time means?!?!?!?!

With the amount of time I spend picking toys/half-eaten food/poop up off the floor, I don't need anymore 'floor time'.

b. said...

I was thinking that sounded exactly like me.

La Yen said...

Man, I need some quality time.

Putz said...

why isn't the mom inside the theater watching the bad news bears with her kids?????????????????????????????????????

Amy said...

I'll take a time-out, please. (Is Days of Our Lives even on the air??)